Kendrick Perkins jumps on Kevin Durant to take over Nets captain after 2-6 starts: “Kyrie Irving isn’t like that when it comes to leadership”

Kevin Durant and Kyrie IrvingSteve Nash’s wish to be fired from the Brooklyn Nets came true. The team announced on Tuesday that they were parting ways with the coach following their win against the Indiana Pacers. Durant had offered owner Joe Tsai an ultimatum to fire both Nash and general manager Sean Marks after a turbulent summer. Since then, the superstar duo of Irving and KD has not been able to see eye to eye with Nash, so a change in management was inevitable.

Speaking on the matter, Kendrick Perkins trolled the Brooklyn Nets for coming to a “consensus” to fire Steve Nash, but also talked about how he should lead from the front now that Kevin Durant has granted his wishes. Perkins stated, “What I’m looking at right now is ‘okay KD I haven’t seen your leadership skills on the court so far this junior season, can I see it now? Now that Steve Nash is out, are you going to be there vocally or be their mastermind and make the most of guys like Ben Simmons and Claxton? Are you? Kevin Durant is the man I’ll watch the most.”

He further said: “Look, we can talk about Kyrie Irving, he’s amazing, he’s a blockbuster, but when it comes to leadership, Kyrie Irving isn’t there. I hold Kevin Durant responsible for leading this cast.” There’s a lot to do with the Nets coaches being fired and Kyrie Irving getting himself involved in controversies, but they can’t be distracted this early in the season. As Kendrick Perkins said, KD must take the lead and bring his team together.

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What’s next for Kevin Durant and Co.

Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving(11) and Kevin Durant(7)
Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving(11) and Kevin Durant(7)

What will happen to the Brooklyn Nets after that is unknown. However, a decision could be made by Thursday, with Ime Udoka replacing Nash. The Boston Celtics suspended Udoka for one season for breaking team rules. Udoka was found to have made inappropriate personal contact with a female employee.

Udoka is considered a defense expert. He served as the Nets’ defensive coordinator for the 2020-21 season. For a Brooklyn team that’s struggling on defense but still wanting to fight for the title, it could be the answer. Frankly, the two superstars like to do things their own way. With the Nets relying heavily on Durant and Irving, the new head coach needs to make sure he’s on the same page with his two most important players.

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