“Harassed by guards and inmates… food shortages” Brittney Griner may face her toughest nine years in Russian hell after her sentence is confirmed

american basketball player Brittney GrinerHis appeal against a nine-year sentence for drug possession and trafficking was dismissed by a Russian court on Tuesday. When Griner moves to a penal colony to serve his sentence, he will have to endure a system of isolation, hard work and psychological suffering, as human rights reports indicate.

US President Joe Biden has said he will not stop trying to get Griner and former sailor Paul Whelan back home. His administration proposed a prisoner exchange plan with Russia in late July to secure their release. Griner is now known to millions of people around the world, including basketball fans and others. The government is stepping up its efforts to bring the WNBA star back as quickly as possible because he will face the most horrific prison conditions in Russia.

According to human rights organizations and others who have regular contact with Russian prisoners, many of the camps routinely commit human rights abuses. As noted in the reports, the prison consists of: Overcrowding, abuse by guards and inmates, limited access to health care, food shortages and inadequate sanitation were common in prisons, penal colonies and other places of detention.” The report also stated that torture of prisoners was widespread and physical and sexual abuse of prison staff was normalized.

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What happened to Brittney Griner and what more can be done?

Brittney Griner was detained by Russian authorities after being pulled up at Sheremetyevo International Airport in February. Russian Customs discovered that the two-time WNBA defender of the year and seven-time all-star have vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison in August after being found guilty of drug offenses in Russia.

Griner’s legal team filed an appeal against the nine-year sentence in August. Still, Griner’s current sentence “extreme” Despite the fact that he could have earned up to 10 years in prison. Other criminals committed in similar cases across Russia received lesser sentences and some even received parole, according to defense lawyers.

Russian officials announced on August 11 that they and the US government were in talks about a possible prisoner swap. The Biden administration suspects he is being held illegally, as tensions continue between the countries due to the Ukraine war. Brittney Griner, 31, of Phoenix Mercury, has won two Olympic gold medals. She has also participated in WNBA off-season matches organized by UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia since 2014 she.

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Griner’s prison facility before appeal

Brittney Griner served the full sentence in a Russian prison colony before appeal. “nightmare” It is located an hour outside of Moscow. A small cell was shared by Griner and two other English-speaking inmates who were also detained for drug-related offenses. It was reported that inmates were only allowed to shower twice a week, and a daily break was allowed to spend 23 hours each day in their cells and wander around a small courtyard.

Tensions rose between Moscow and Washington when Brittney Griner was arrested in February, a few days before Russia sent troops to Ukraine, and during the WNBA off-season, Griner was currently returning to play for a Russian team. Legal proceedings in the Griner case, according to the White House, “fake” and it was a penalty “Extreme and disproportionate.” Little has changed yet regarding the WNBA star’s release, but we hope to learn more about his planned release from custody and his return to the United States soon.

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