DeShawn Stevenson was arrested for public drunkenness in a gruesome scenario just hours after winning the NBA Championship.

DeShawn Stevensonunsung hero of 2011 Dallas Mavericks‘ championship run was detained in Texas for public drunkenness two nights after the team won the NBA championship. At the time, according to police, Stevenson had failed a series of field sobriety tests and was unaware of his whereabouts when he was arrested while partying at a friend’s house.

There are many key players in the NBA, and many make a lasting impression both on and off the court. DeShawn Stevenson is one of the NBA stars we won’t soon forget. Whether you remember him through his illustrious career of 13 years, his legendary feuds or his signature tattoos, he would be unforgettable.

Even after Stevenson retired, the headlines kept coming back; The latest that came to light was about his arrest after the title race in 2011.

Two nights after the Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Championship, Stevenson was taken into custody. By Fox NewsStevenson was found drunk and wandering around an apartment during the night, and they had to arrest him for allegedly excessive alcoholism. He was released shortly after paying a small fine.

He was released from prison the next morning after being released on bail. His team initially denied knowledge of the incident and chose not to comment at the time. Stevenson was crucial to their success as the Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat to win their first NBA title. As a backup, he contributed to the tenacious defense and outside scores for Dallas.

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DeShawn Stevenson’s NBA career and what is he doing now?

One of the most interesting NBA players in recent years has been DeShawn Stevenson. He got some comparisons to Michael Jordan when he entered the NBA right after high school. After graduating high school, he was selected 23rd overall by the Utah Jazz in the 2000 NBA Draft. For the remaining 13 NBA seasons, the Jazz were a key part of the Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets and Atlanta Hawks.

He was known for his aggression and stubborn defense. He earned nearly $27 million during his time in the NBA, won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, and made national headlines for his battle with LeBron James in the finals. Stevenson made a lasting impression in the 2011 Finals by shooting an incredible 57 percent off the air, including in two key games of the series.

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Stevenson enjoyed success in the BIG3 league after leaving the NBA, and Power selected him with the 11th overall pick in the 2017 draft. Subsequently, he became one of the league’s deadliest snipers.

Stevenson led BIG3 with 32 three-pointers and set a record, nearly doubling the amount of the next best team in a single season. He scored three game-winning baskets and averaged 15.9 points per game during his time there.

DeShawn Stevenson is living a much more responsible life as his wife these days, and their children are enjoying a happy life in Orlando. He now lives more comfortably there and opened the Playoffs, a basketball-themed barbershop.

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