Clippers’ Paul George and Kawhi Leonard reportedly absent by December

paul george and kawhi leonard It’s back in the NBA headlines, and the reason is so unfortunate. The duo, who should carry the Clippers to multiple championships, is once again down, injured and unable to play. The Clippers brought John Wall and many other good pieces they wanted around Kawhi Leonard and Paul George so the team could be a contender and win them all.

The Los Angeles Clippers even achieved this feat and were discussed as solid contenders before the season even started. But to live with the same excitement, you have to pull yourself together, and for that everyone on the team, especially the superstars, needs to be healthy and ready. And unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as of 2019. It was very disappointing as the duo did not stay healthy enough to put the team ahead in the championship race.

Kawhi Leonard missed the entire 2021-22 season after his ACL was torn in the 2021 playoffs. He played in only 5 of the 19 matches he played with the team so far this year. The surgically repaired knee was not yet completely healed, and he suffered from stiffness that pushed him aside for 12 matches. And then he sprained his ankle against the Utah Jazz.

Paul George’s story is the same but slightly better. While the Los Angeles Clippers have been able to use him more than Klaw has ever had for them. But the duo is once again absent due to injuries, and as Head Coach Ty Lue himself said before the Warriors destroyed the Clippers, he has no timetable for a comeback.

A report by Law Murray of The Athletic has revealed Paul George and Kawhi Leonard’s match against the Nuggets on Black Friday. The author also talked about how the duo could stay out until December. Like him Wrote: “Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Luke Kennard and the Ontario trio are against the Nuggets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the injured Clippers are finished by December.” The report seems very accurate, especially after the death of Tyronn Lue. announcement regarding their unplanned return.

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Can Kawhi Leonard and Paul George get the Clippers across?

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard
Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Clippers haven’t seen much success since bringing in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. However, both players are definitely capable of taking the team across. And the only reason they don’t do that is because of the injuries that limit them on the field. Kawhi Leonard is currently absent due to an ankle sprain. Paul George, who missed only one game earlier this season due to his medical illness, was left out of the field with a knee injury.

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In the absence of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers’ young guns would have to take control and pick up some wins. So the pressure on the superstar duo is less when they return. As a veteran, John Wall needed to lead the leadership side and make sure everyone was involved and the team could play winning basketball.

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