Ben Simmons yells “King dunk the ball” after Kevin Durant throws an easy dunk.

Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons shouted at his teammate and Nets star Kevin Durant like being missed in an open dunk. The Nets are having a bumpy season. So in a situation like this, it’s fair for everyone to be unhappy and disappointed when someone breaks an easy shot.

Kevin Durant talked about this incident while speaking on ‘ETC’s podcast’. HE quotation, “I told someone this yesterday, we played a game where I faked a pass after a timeout and I go to the back door every time. He opened the back door and I saw someone change gear and I kicked Joe (Harris). He missed the shot and I looked up and I said ‘ It was like, ‘Damn the ball dunk’ and I was like, ‘Okay, my fault, was I open?’ and it was like, ‘yeah, he dunked’.

Kevin Durant There are always good things to say about Ben Simmons and the quarterback seems to be getting better by the day with so much support from management and players. The Nets did not perform as everyone expected, but they are slowly getting there. With Kyrie Irving coming back and showing off his form, it will be interesting to see how things develop for the Brooklyn team.

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Kevin Durant’s Brooklyn Nets recorded a much-needed win against the Toronto Raptors.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Brooklyn took a comforting win in the final game, beating the Toronto Raptors 112-98. The Raptors managed to keep Kevin Durant quiet by scoring just 12 points, but Kyrie Irving’s form helped add a win to their streak.

Kyrie Irving scored 19 of 29 points in the third quarter. Nick Claxton He had 14 points and 12 rebounds. Following the Nets’ humiliating loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Royce O’Neale added a career-high three-pointer with 15 points and Ben Simmons added 14 points. They took 17 shots on 38 from the 3-pointer range; NBA this year.

Gary Trent Jr. on Raptors. 19 points, Chris Boucher had 12 points and 16 rebounds. OG Anunoby scored 15 points and Thad Young 12 points. The Nets recorded their ninth season win but lost ten games. They will try to maintain their winning momentum in their next encounter. Portland Trail blazers.

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