“I appreciate the podcast promotion you just gave me” Draymond Green has a heated exchange with the reporter; mocks his IQ level

Draymond Green He didn’t have a great night Wednesday as he was a mess on the field and described himself as: “soft” and like to play “shit.” After six personal fouls, Green was ejected and finished with two points, three assists, four rebounds, one block and several turnovers in the Warriors’ loss to the Celtics in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. After his team lost to the Boston Celtics, Green got into a heated argument with a reporter when asked if he was worried about Celtics staff getting information from his podcast.

Draymond Green had another unproductive night in their Game 3 loss at TD Garden

Draymond Green in a defensive effort against Jayson Tatum
Draymond Green in a defensive effort against Jayson Tatum

After the 2nd game, Draymond Green It’s rated A+ if you look at how basketball games affect the game. But after assuming he changed the series due to the enthusiasm, vitality and motivation he brought onto the field and encouraging his teammates, he was utterly disappointed after Game 3 was shown. The Celtics won convincingly, taking advantage of the Warriors’ lack of size and energy. Draymond Green and Dubs were unable to respond to Ime Udoka’s team, who had 15 offensive rebounds, as the Celtics took advantage of their physicality and were trailing 47-31 in rebounds. Boston also dominated the paint, scoring 26 to 52 points in the game.

“Shaq created a HOOKAH LOUNGE in the studio,” Kenny Smith explained…

Fierce conversations ensue between Green and a reporter.

Draymond Green and Jake Fischer
Draymond Green and Jake Fischer

After the match, Jake Fischer, a reporter for Bleacher Report, opened up his podcast and asked Green if he’d consider presenting his opinion and analyzing the games, and whether that could be considered a competitive advantage. “Do you realize that the X’s and O’s of game plans, what you say about adjustments, may be going back to Boston employees and influencing their decision making?” The reporter questioned Green. “Number. I don’t see any difference in the podcast more than what I’m telling you here, so no, what are the X’s and O’s I said on the podcast??” replied Green.

The reporter was citing Draymond Green’s analysis of the Warriors’ defense of the Celtics over Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Derrick White in Games 1 and 2. and continued to question the reporter’s IQ.

“NEW AGE MEDIA” Draymond Green brutally trolls Stephen A. Smith…

“LeBron James is a unifier whether you like him or not.”

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