Travel Trends 2022: Top 6 Changes in the Travel Niche

TBEX is a conference for travel creators from all over the world. In June, TBEX Europe 2022 was held in Marbella, Spain. This was the first TBEX conference in Europe since the COVID-19 pandemic. Moyens I/O was excited about the opportunity to meet travel content creators and learn about their monetization strategies and travel trends.

In this article, we will share the observations of experts. We’ll also share tips on how you can use this information to increase revenue from your travel projects.

Affiliate Marketing Is Still An Important Way To Monetize Travel Content

One of the many topics we discussed at TBEX was content creation and monetization.

From direct collaboration with brands to contextual advertising and affiliate marketing, there are many ways to earn on your travel blog. Each creator creates his own monetization strategy based on the characteristics of the travel project. However, there are changes to keep in mind thanks to the evolution of social media.

Rick Calvert, CEO of TBEX: “Pay-per-click marketing is much more demanding now. Paid social media is much more compelling now, so creators are looking for these avenues that are reliable, quality sources of income. But when it comes to monetization, there are many ways to monetize your content. Affiliate marketing is absolutely very, very important.”

Based on this information, it is very important to consider a monetization strategy for your project. Affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize your travel content by promoting the services of brands. You can do this quickly and easily with the Moyens I/O affiliate platform. Working with over 100 well-known, trusted brands such as, Tripadvisor, and more, we can help people around the world save on travel, allowing them to travel more while spending less. Most importantly, you get what you pay for. Try it now and join Moyens I/O for free.

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To increase your revenue from affiliate marketing, you need to keep track of changes in the travel niche, including traveler moods and needs, and adjust your content strategy as needed.

People Want to Travel

The first thing that partners working in affiliate marketing should understand is that despite the unpleasant changes in the travel niche, people still want to travel.

Rick Calvert, CEO of TBEX: “Well, the biggest things in travel. The first is to feel safe… Travelers are flexible. People want to travel… But traveling is now much more difficult than before the pandemic. Many flights are canceled and delayed. Many people are having trouble clearing their COVID-19 protocols from country to country. Therefore, it is more difficult for travelers. More expensive for travelers. But travelers don’t care. They still want to go places, connect with other people, get away from their home and be in a new, relaxing, comfortable and safe place.”

Indeed, according to the CBC, the number of canceled flights worldwide could exceed 2,000, and the number of delayed flights could exceed 6,000 via the connection. There is only one day off on Christmas Eve. The main causes are bad weather and the increasing COVID-19 infections that prevent pilots and other crew members from going to work.

However, even after the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, passengers may face canceled or delayed flights. For example, in July only Lufthansa canceled 900 flights to Germany and Europe. The truth is that the airline industry has yet to fully recover from the pandemic and is not ready to jump into travel demand.

Fly: Therefore, it is important to consider both the increasing demand for summer travel and the unstable situation in flights. Few travelers want to return from trips with an empty wallet because of the cost of additional tickets. Tell them about services that help them get travel compensation like AirHelp or Compensair. By using these services, passengers can receive cash compensation in case of flight delay, cancellation or overbooking.

Everyone Boring With Money

Any trip includes transportation, hotel, excursions and other travel services. The unstable global situation associated with COVID-19 has definitely had a huge impact on everyone’s budget.

Dani, “Since we’ve had COVID-19, everyone has been hurting for money. So, thinking about what’s best for that family or that particular person, ‘Oh, is it worth going the distance, because will it cost more or not?’”

Fly: Make it easier and cheaper for people to travel while focusing on local destinations. That’s how Dani started doing it. Frugal travelers can take a bus or train to get to their desired destinations. You can earn up to 6% of the ticket price with the relevant program categories.

Travelers Aren’t Comfortable With Their Travels

COVID-19 is making travelers feel different when traveling. The main reason is that people want their journey to be perfect and nothing stops them from returning home.

molly, “What I’m seeing right now is a big boom in travel again, but things are a little different. I see that people are more demanding. Their travel is more important to them than before, so they want everything to be perfect when they go and they are not very comfortable.”

Rachel, “I don’t think people are so afraid of catching COVID on travel anymore. I guess they’re afraid of getting stuck and never going home again. Because it happens to humans during this pandemic. They’re somewhere and they couldn’t get home.”

Fly: You don’t need to go out of the country or even out of the city to have a new experience like travel. Everyone can look at any place differently, learn something new, and relax without worrying about not returning home. It is possible, for example, with events offered worldwide by Viator, GetYourGuide or Tiqets.

People Go To Nature’s Call

Due to the epidemic, travelers changed their priorities and preferred to go on other types of travel.

Dani, “I would say that many more people actually think about nature and ecologically when they travel. It’s a little more on their minds.”

In June 2021, published a sustainable travel report, a landmark for both the industry and individual travellers. According to the report, 73% of users said they would like to have a genuine experience reflecting the local culture during their trip. However, 69% avoid popular destinations and tourist attractions to ensure they don’t make their overcrowding problem worse. Also, 61% said the pandemic would make them want to travel in a more environmentally friendly way in the future.

Fly: Consider people’s needs to travel and enjoy nature ecologically. They can enjoy extreme rock climbing with Mapo Tapo, relaxing on a yacht with Searadar or taking an unusual tour of their home or nearby city with GetYourGuide.

Don’t forget to tell your audience about brands that care about nature and do charity work. For example, Searadar donates €5 from each booking to the Sea Cleaners Ocean Protection Fund.

Travelers Prefer to Travel by Car

According to the observations of experts and travelers, in recent years people have changed their preferences for transportation as well as their attitudes towards crowded places.

Jovana, “Some destinations are less crowded, some destinations are more crowded. People tended to travel to closer places. They do not need to use buses, trains and planes. I think people now prefer to travel by car with their families, spouses and friends. They don’t like to go to such crowded places.”

According to a Census survey, in July 2021 the majority of UK residents (64%) and most non-UK residents (68%) said they felt safe while traveling due to social distancing.

As for the car rental market, revenue is expected to reach $81.32 billion in 2022 and by 2026, 71% of revenue in this niche is expected to come from online sales.

Fly: Therefore, car rental is a good category for partners who earn through affiliate marketing, helping travelers tailor a trip according to their needs, including safety and time with family and friends.

What are the main changes you notice in the travel niche in 2022? Share the comments, explain how they have impacted your work and how you have adapted to them.

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