How to Create a Monetizing Travel App: Explore Travel App from Travelpayouts

If you want to create a mobile app dedicated to travel, Travel App from Moyens I/O is the tool for you. In this article, we talk about what Travel App is, how it can help you develop an app from scratch and how you can use the app to generate income. We also share valuable tips on how to go through the whole process and get the most out of your app.

Why Do You Need a Travel App?

Nearly 5 billion people used the internet in 2022, and 92.1% of them accessed the web via mobile devices. In particular, 45.8% of the users used the internet to search for products and brands, while 37.6% of them used the internet for vacation and travel research.

So if your travel content is already on mobile – for example, if you run a social media blog or have a mobile version of your website – then you already have the perfect audience for an app. You can also target users who usually book travel through apps (that’s a lot of people). Once you have identified your target audience, you can start developing your app. This is where the easy-to-use template provided by Travel App comes into play.

What is a Travel App?

Travel App by Moyens I/O is a tool that helps users to create a mobile app in the form of a flight aggregator and/or hotel booking platform based on ready-made templates. You can then name and brand your app before publishing it on Google Play or the App Store.

Anyone with an Android or iOS device can download your app and use it for their travel needs. For each booked flight and hotel, you will receive 50% of the revenue generated by Aviasales and Hotellok respectively for these reservations.

The Travel App includes the following features:

  • API library – In simple terms, this is software that hosts data from Aviasales and Hotellook. It allows users to see and book the same ticket and hotel listings on brands’ websites.
  • Interface templates and customization options – These include app design, all search forms, filters, buttons and more. You can customize these items when configuring the application.

Show Me The Money: How Will You Earn With The Travel App?

How to Earn with Applications Made with Travel Application?

Partner Programs

The Travel App is no different from any other affiliate tool offered by partner programs. Just as you are rewarded every time a reader makes a reservation through your affiliate link, you are also rewarded every time a user makes a reservation through your app.

The standard terms for making money with the Travel App are:

  • Booking a flight will receive 50% of the revenue generated by you. aircraft sales for that ticket (approximately 1.1% of the cost).
  • A hotel reservation will receive you 50% of the revenue generated by you. hotel view (about $15-20) for this reservation.
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You will gain from these two brands in particular, as these are the two brands that are built into the Travel App. You cannot replace both brands with their counterparts in the same niche.

In addition to flights and hotels, you can also add car rentals to your app; Just add the relevant tab to your template. Join any program on Car & Bike Rental to get this to work. Category except (this program does not monitor mobile traffic). Your reward will depend on the program but is 9% of the average total booking price.


As the owner of your own travel app, you can earn even more by advertising through Appodeal. These ads will appear in a user’s search results and you will earn additional income every time users watch an ad. Open an account on Appodeal to start monetizing your app.

Application SDK

Your Earning Potential with the Travel App

According to statistics from existing Travel Apps, record monthly earnings for a single partner in 2022 were $15,000. But there is always the potential to go even higher.

Which Partners Should Use the Travel App?

Partners with basic programming experience or who can bring in a programmer to guide are best suited for a Travel App. The tool makes it easy for partners to set and customize required parameters (e.g. remove a tab, add your logo/brand name, change colors) and publish the completed app to Google Play or the App Store.

Travel App Audience

Discover your current or potential audience before you start with the Travel App. Learn how your readers plan their trips, what devices they use, whether Aviasales and Hotellook will cater to them, etc. learn.

in 2022, to call The feature in the Travel App applications was most used by travelers in the following areas:

  1. Uzbekistan
  2. United States of America
  3. Georgia
  4. Italy
  5. Germany

Same year, reservation The feature in the Travel App applications was most used by travelers in the following areas:

  1. United States of America
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Georgia
  4. Turkey
  5. Cambodia

Creating and Promoting Your Travel App

How to Create Your App in Travel App?

  1. Register an account on Moyens I/O. Without an account, you won’t be able to access necessary brand assets such as API keys required to build the app.
  2. Participate in required partner programs. If you want to have a flight aggregator app, join the Aviasales program. If you want your app to include hotel reservations, join the Hotellook program. For car rental, join any program in the Car & Bike Rental category except
  3. Follow the instructions to create the app. We have prepared step-by-step guides for Android and iOS users. If you have any questions during the installation process, contact our support team.

How to Effectively Promote Your App

Moyens I/O designed the Travel App to help partners set up mobile apps quickly and easily. But to start making money, your audience needs to learn and download the app. Here are some pro tips on how to get your app noticed:

  • Stand out from the competition. There are countless travel apps on Google Play and the App Store, so give your app features that no one else has to get it downloaded.
  • Test your app on a real device. Previewing your app and seeing how it actually works on various devices are two different things. Remember to do the latter after your app is published to make sure there are no bugs, glitches or formatting issues. Previewing an application does not give you the best view of the finished product.
  • Perform ASO (App Store Optimization). Also known as SEO for apps, ASO can help you stand out in an app store. Make sure to include all necessary keywords in your title and descriptions so users can easily find your app.
  • Choose attractive visuals and creative descriptions. Make sure your app contains elements that grab the reader’s attention. Instead of just adding screenshots, add eye-catching images and fun descriptions.
  • Read and respond to customer reviews. User feedback will help you quickly fix any bugs or improve the quality of your app. By responding to feedback, users will see that you are truly working to help them. Pro tip: Reviews are a great way to find keywords.
  • Update keywords. Keep your keywords up to date so new users can find your app quickly.
  • Use various platforms to promote your app. Whether you have a single content project or multiple content projects, make sure you reach as many audiences as possible. You can also use targeted ads, join various forums or do video promotions for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.
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🆕 March 2023: What’s New in Travel App

We’ve recently updated the Travel App with new features so your users continue to have a seamless booking and purchasing experience while you continue to win big.

The latest update was in March 2023 and included an improvement to the iOS template. Now, it is compatible with Xcode 14.2.

We’ve added features from the Aviasales app for Android users that have proven to increase conversions. We have detailed these features below.

Flight Tags

Tags are phrases like “Cheapest” and “Cheapest direct” that appear in the top search results based on the user’s query. These options appear at the top of the flight list.

Labels are designed to show a traveler the best flight deals and likely purchases. According to Aviasales, tags can increase your conversion by 3%.

Flight tags in the Travel App

Real Time Flight Search Update

In the previous version of Travel App, all plane tickets were loaded at the same time; the user could not see the results until all the tickets were found. In the new version, users will see tickets as they upload.

Direct Flight Widget and Filter

The Travel App now has a widget that displays flights directly. Such offers are now automatically displayed at the top of the search results and are sorted by the best available price. According to Aviasales, this approach of showing direct flights first resulted in an average 3% increase in conversion.

Direct flight widget Travel App

Users now also have the option to filter search results by: Only See direct flight options.

Direct flight filter Travel App

Price Chart

This handy tool displays recent prices for a desired destination. The chart helps users find the best (and cheapest) day to fly without having to do a lot of queries.

Flight price table in Travel App

If you’re ready to make your own travel app, sign up for Moyens I/O today. Once you’re on the platform, you’ll be able to join partner programs to help you build your app. You’ll also get access to a variety of tools, such as simple no-code links, widgets, banners, to help you develop the best user experience for your traveling audience.

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