Aviasales/Jetradar Free Mobile SDK: Success story

We offer you both the Flight Search SDK iOS and android. What is the SDK and how to use it? And more importantly, how to earn from it? Our partner shares the secret of his success.

What is Aviasales/Jetradar SDK

So, what is the SDK? It is a tool that allows to create new mobile applications without spending time on development and without going deep into our application. Free Flight Search API. All you have to do is take a template, integrate your logo, content (text) part, add the necessary illustrations and Get a new flight search app that can be added to the App Store. Your users will have a powerful flight search engine on their phones.

Of course, you will still need the help of the developers; but the task is so simple that they actually take no time or effort.

You will also be able to add our search module to an existing App and Enjoy up to 70% of our profits — Not just for 30 days, as in our web version, but forever!

road to success

So that you can understand how this works, we decided to share the main points of the text (you could call it a lesson) written by the same man Dmitry, who, through trial and error, achieved significant results:
«….the idea of ​​making a separate application that allows searching for cheap tickets was quite interesting to me. Also, I’ve always been fascinated by travel and the sight of airplanes really excited me. It took about a weekend for my new app to appear on the App Store. It’s called Cheap Tickets from 729 Airlines. The app was built with SDK by Aviasales/Jetradar.

Even though my app is designed very simply, it does its job perfectly. Simplicity is the main principle. As with any other metasearch, the app compares prices provided by 729 airlines, 30 online travel agencies (OTAs), filters the results and shows the user the cheapest flight options. Actually, this a simplified equivalent Jetradar appworks on its own technological platform.

The app is also localized for 24 languages ​​and enriched with helpful advice on how to search for airline tickets (for example, few people know that if you’re traveling with family or a large group, tickets have to be purchased separately – this often saves you a lot of money).

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Because people can’t do much public relations With such a modest functionality, special emphasis was placed on App Store Optimization (ASO – improving position in app search results and increasing app page conversion rate). As it turned out, there is surprisingly little information on this topic, while the global number of real experts in this field has reached almost a dozen. All articles on ASO continue to repeat the 10 basic ideas, most of which are described in Apple documentation: delete spaces between keywords, do not use the same words in the title and keywords, localize to the most popular languages, etc. .

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I had to learn all the App Store secrets on my own. When my first ticket booking app started to turn a profit, I decided to set up the EU-testing of keywords in an unconventional way. Instead of testing keywords in one and the same application, waiting for 7 days of moderation each time, I created several apps with different names and uploaded them all to the App Storeso I can choose the most effective and promote more.

In practice, it turned out that the best keywords for the Russian market were «cheap airfares», the best keywords for the USA were the names of airlines, and for Europe, neither option worked. Low-cost transports seem to have infected all of Europe like a virus. No matter how much you research and compare, there is nothing cheaper than Ryanair and low-cost carriers do not pay commissions.

The most unpleasant surprise was waiting for me in a place I never expected. One day, while updating my apps on the App Store, I was threatened with being excluded from the developers for: «Developers who spammed many versions of Apps similar to the App Store will be removed from the iOS Developer Program». However, after long discussions, I came to an agreement with them.

Optimization secrets

And now the private information is gone. Here are some App Store Optimization secrets You will not find it in any article or book. For obvious reasons, I will not reveal all the secrets, but I will share some tips to help you promote your app:

  • If you aim to work in the American market, the number of keywords can be doubled adding additional English keywords in Spanish localization. There are a lot of Mexican and Cuban immigrants in the US, so the App Store automatically includes keywords from the Spanish localization in the rating. Yes, this market is very competitive, but once you settle in the US market, you stop being dependent on exchange rates and all the surprises from Russian legislation.
  • The Arab market also has high potential. The population has a high income and large families (a man is usually married to 4 women and has at least several children). Only in the Arab market you can find business class flight reservations from Dubai to New York and 7 seater flight tickets for $25,000. Localizing an application to Arabic is not too difficult. A high number of downloads can be achieved by publishing an application with a single Arabic localization, not even in English. Local moderators love Arabic apps and are often willing to advertise your app on the App Store front page, which in my experience brings in up to 11,000 downloads per day in Saudi Arabia alone.
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I should point out that in general ASO evolves in the same way as below. SEO did – rating mechanisms are constantly being improved, more and more factors are taken into account. If the app’s rating is below 4, no mechanism can bring your app to the top and keep it there. What’s more, satisfied users are less likely to give feedback than dissatisfied ones. Over time, even for the best app, this results in ratings dropping to 2 or 3 stars; not so dishonest apps are used to improve the situation.

I can safely say that all major market players (both in Russia and the USA) use black ASO methods – they buy positive feedback from users and ratings on special boards. By the way, this service is quite expensive and costs about $1.25 for a positive feedback.
Arabic adaptation

Numbers and results

Let’s take a look at the numbers now. Here’s what I’ve achieved in 6 months:

  • make it TOP5 of the highest profits in the affiliate program (November 2014, approximately 50,000 subscribers in total);
  • 2,500 air tickets sold (up to 17 fully booked Boeing-737 aircraft);
  • total app downloads: approximately 900,000 (5,000 per day);
  • constant presence in TOP100 US App Store (Travel). For example, the original JetRadar app (Aviasales clone for the international market) isn’t even in the TOP200;
  • constant presence in TOP50 of the Russian App Store (Travel);
  • The conversion rate of visitors to bookings is quite modest and equals 0.5%. It should be added that these figures were obtained without any marketing or advertising budget;
  • my current state monthly profit ranges from 4,000 to 4,500 USD (including bonuses).

Of course, everyone’s understanding of success is different. For me, success means creating a steady source of income that brings in more money than my previous job. I plan to increase the conversion rate by 3 to 4 times and am already working on it. For example, I know Americans love stories called storytelling. So I’m testing a video tutorial now, Cheapest Flight Tips ReservationRecommended for all new users of the app in the US. ”

Would you like to achieve the same results? Our SDK is waiting for you! iOS documentation available hereand Android documentation here.

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