5 Best Mac Cleaner Apps to Remove Junk Files

Apple Macs are fast, portable and easy to use. However, over time using a Mac can result in a large number of temporary and unnecessary files that are not deleted from time to time, which can slow down your system’s performance. If you’re looking for software that can remove junk and clutter from your Mac, read on to learn about the five best Mac cleaner apps you should use.

Every Mac owner consistently aims for stable performance. However, for this, you should keep temporary and unnecessary files to a minimum. And while macOS has a built-in ‘Optimize Storage’ option, it doesn’t work very well. You can free up GBs of lost data by removing cache, unnecessary languages ​​and other junk files from your Mac using the apps listed below.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, keep your desk neat and tidy by using these desk cleaning tools.

1. MacCleaner

MacCleaner Pro tops our list of the best Mac cleaning apps. It is efficient and the user can control what will be deleted or kept.

When you start it, it automatically starts scanning your hard drive. After a minute or two, it presents a bar of what’s taking up your space. After completing the application analysis, you will receive ‘feedback’ on how you can optimize your space.

maccleaner pro 2

The cleanup tool can clean cache, logs, downloads, junk language files, email attachments and other junk files. Also, the app even lets you check for duplicate files on your Mac. It also allows you to remove duplicate documents, videos and even photos.

Maccleaner professional

MacCleaner Pro costs $34.95 as a one-time purchase. You do not need to subscribe to periodically paid subscriptions to use the app. There is also a free version of the app that you can try before you buy.

2. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is probably the most popular Mac cleaner app. Its beautiful and easy-to-use interface blends beautifully with the design language of macOS. Also, it has many features.

cleanmymac x

CleanMyMac lets you get rid of unwanted files or apps with the click of a button. And among the things MacCleaner does, CleanMyMac also protects your Mac against malware. There’s also a built-in uninstaller right inside the app, in case you have trouble managing apps on your Mac.

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And if you don’t have much time to devote to a Mac cleaning app, CleanMyMac’s ‘Smart Scan’ feature allows you to quickly scan and get rid of junk files on your Mac.

cleanmymac 2

Above all, CleanMyMac has a minimal clipboard that always works in your Mac’s menu bar. This is a feature we love about CleanMyMac. Using this dashboard, you can quickly free up your Mac’s RAM, empty your trash, and even run a speed test.

Quality comes at a cost. CleanMyMac costs $89.95 for one Mac and $134.95 for two. You can also subscribe to the app with an annual payment of $34.95. If you’re not sure about making the purchase, CleanMyMac also offers a free trial of the app.

3. CCleaner for Mac

After years of dominating the category of cleaning apps on Windows, CCleaner has made its way to the Mac. Like all the Mac cleaners on the list, CCleaner helps you get rid of unwanted files on your Mac.

cleaner mac 1

It scans everything possible and then lets you choose what to delete. While it doesn’t scan for duplicate photos, it also has a duplicate finder feature that lets you scan for duplicate items. However, it boots up and lets you delete ‘startup items’ that slow down your Mac as soon as you start it up.

cleaner mac 2

CCleaner is available as a subscription that will cost $19.95 per year. The free version allows you to delete unnecessary files and cookies. However, it does not support real-time monitoring.

4. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is one of the cheapest ways to clean your Mac. For $2.99, you get capable cleaning software for your Mac.

Disk Doctor does exactly what it sounds like. A doctor for your Mac’s hard drive. Scans anything you can think of, from mail attachments to iOS updates and incomplete downloads; scans everything. Once the scan is complete, it will let you choose what to delete.

disc doctor

Disk Doctor, as mentioned above, retails for $2.99. It can be downloaded directly from the App Store, which ensures that the app is always up to date. There is also a free version available for download. It will let you see the junk files but not delete them.

5. MacKeeper 5

MacKeeper is another popular Mac cleaning app. MacKeeper does everything you can think of, from deleting unwanted files to uninstalling the app and even ad blocking, MacKeeper does it all.

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keeper 1

MacKeeper has made it easy to control your Mac’s storage with a simple ‘Find and Repair’ button. Along with a dedicated ‘Smart Uninstaller’ section, MacKeeper makes it easy to update your apps using a unique ‘Update Monitor’ tool.

We love MacKeeper’s Auto-scan feature. The automatic scan runs in the background and opens automatically as soon as it detects an infected file downloaded from the internet. It also occasionally scans your Mac for junk files.

keeper 2

For added privacy, MacKeeper also has a built-in VPN. Also, if you run into problems with MacKeeper, you can speak to an Apple-certified support professional directly through the app.

MacKeeper is available for $4.15 per month when billed annually. Considering its high price, the developers have come up with an attractive $1 plan where you can try the service for a week and then get $15 more than its $49.80 price tag – they’ve reduced the price to $35 for the first year.

Clean Your Mac

Macs can create lots of junk files that can slow down your system performance over time. Also, Macs often come with fast but less storage. Therefore, it is necessary to organize and speed up disk space for maximum performance. Optimize your Mac’s storage using the apps mentioned above. Which one did you try? Mute the sound in the comments section below.

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