WWDC 2024: Apple will meet on June 10, 2024 for its conference dedicated to artificial intelligence

Now it’s official, WWDC 2024 will kick off on June 10 with the famous Apple keynote and continue until June 14. As is tradition, the event will be livestreamed for free to developers worldwide. But Apple also promises a personal experience at Apple Park on opening day for a limited number of attendees.

While WWDC is always an opportunity to announce software updates for Apple’s operating system platforms, this year’s edition is undeniably under the sign of artificial intelligence, which will probably be the star of the event.

Apple may introduce its own artificial intelligence

As conversational AI models like ChatGPT have become ubiquitous over the past year, Apple has been extremely quiet about its own AI plans. That’s expected to change this summer, as Apple begins officially discussing the arrival of AI-powered features.

Apple executive Greg Joswiak posted a rather evocative message about the X: ” It will be absolutely incredible » (This will be absolutely amazing). You probably noticed cleverly placed capital letters: IA. The question is how far Apple plans to dive into the productive AI waters. Recent reports indicate that the tech giant is actively seeking to partner with other companies to use its own language models, while also investing astronomical amounts, potentially millions of dollars a day, in its own research and development initiatives into AI materials.

Apple may take a strict, on-device-only approach to security by keeping AI capabilities within its tightly controlled ecosystem Instead of relying on cloud processing from third parties like OpenAI or Google.

Whatever Apple’s AI ambitions take, WWDC announcements will be watched more closely than ever. The technology giant is known for its rapid growtheven in areas where he has missed the mark in the past.

iOS 18 and VisionOS 2 are in the program

The WWDC agenda will cover the usual operating system updates outside of the AI ​​loop: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and most importantly, VisionOS 2, the new version of the Vision Pro Operating System. As you’ll see in our review, the first version brings some crazy new possibilities to Apple’s ecosystem addedso we expect the second version to improve all this.

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Announced changes include revisions to user interface customization for iPhone, such as the ability to freely place app icons, “scenes” for better collaboration with Freeform apps, and expanded accessibility controls.

Apple may even be taking advantage of the WWDC conference to introduce new versions of its hardware, as it did last year and years before. Successors to the much-rumored AirPods with noise-canceling functionality may also emerge, such as a possible USB-C update to the AirPods Max over-ear headphones. Of course, potential hardware announcements will be overshadowed by Apple’s big announcements about AI and the usual software update announcements. Then see you on June 10th. To learn about all of Apple’s new projects.