Why refurbished iPhones may be banned in France

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treat yourself iPhone It is not suitable for every budget. Apple It has been selling its smartphones at high prices for many years and the trend is not very downward. For this reason, many people turn to old models and do not hesitate to buy them second-hand to save as much as possible. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the top 5 best-selling refurbished smartphones of 2023 are iPhones. But this market may well be under threat. european directive.

It’s not directly aimed at refurbished iPhones, as it relates to the text requiring a USB-C port to be mandated on small and medium-sized electronic devices by the end of 2024 (2026 for laptops). It was he who pushed Apple to abandon the Lightning port on the iPhone 15. Universalizing the way to charge smartphones and others is a good thing in itself, but why should it be a danger to refurbished mobile phones from the bitten apple brand?

Refurbished iPhones could be banned in France, here’s why

The text, which takes the form of decree and order in France, means:It will be illegal to import non-compatible devices like iPhone 14 and older versions, without a USB-C port. “It also requires having the equipment.”launch” is equipped with it. And technically, We can think of a refurbished smartphone as being released. This is what makes it possible, for example, to retax private copying.

So, in addition to the fact that recovered used iPhones cannot be sold in other countries, In theory, it will no longer even be possible to present what comes from us. These two interpretations will lead to the following result: Significant decrease in preferences in the second-hand iPhone market. It is not certain yet whether the text will be implemented in this way, but while possible explanations are awaited, the fact that the risk continues is obvious.

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