T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you’re wondering how the T-Mobile iPhone 6s performs or works on the AT&T network, wonder no more. Here we take a look at the most important things you need to know about the T-Mobile iPhone 6s at AT&T.

Earlier this month, Apple announced two new iPhones, dubbed iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The two smartphones take over the flagship role from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they’re both attractive smartphones.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus come with new display technology (3D Touch), new cameras, a new A9 processor, a more powerful design and more. The two devices have already received excellent reviews, and Apple says already sold over 13 million copies. Record.

In the United States, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are available on many carriers large and small. And while many people stick with their usual operators, others like me did things a little differently this time around.

I bought T-Mobile iPhone 6s to use on AT&T’s network. As strange as it may sound, it’s actually more common than you might think. And in preparation for the iPhone 6s launch, I was bombarded with questions about my decision and the device.

With these questions in mind, I would like to summarize five important things you need to know about using T-Mobile iPhone 6s at AT&T. If you’re considering making this move for financial or other reasons, here’s what you need to know.

Buy T-Mobile iPhone 6s from Apple

After T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted at me about my decision, I started getting a lot of questions about the T-Mobile iPhone 6s. The most common question was: “Will the T-Mobile iPhone 6s work on AT&T right out of the box?” My answer? I was confident, 99.9% sure, but not 100% sure. Not until the phone comes.

My T-Mobile iPhone 6s arrived on Friday and I excitedly opened the box. Is useful? Answer: Yes.

I’m currently using a T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T’s LTE and HSPA+ (4G) networks. I’ve tested both networks and it works fine on both. Now, heed this warning before going to a T-Mobile store to buy it.

I bought my iPhone 6s from Apple, not T-Mobile. As I understand it, iPhone 6s models purchased from T-Mobile are locked to T-Mobile. You must request it to be unlocked. This won’t happen right away, so keep that in mind.

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SIM Card Tool Missing

Another thing I should point out is that my T-Mobile iPhone 6s did not come with a SIM card removal tool.

My colleague Josh Smith noticed the same thing on the iPhone 6s (Verizon) and iPhone 6s Plus (AT&T). My colleague JR Nelson bought a SIM card tool with his iPhone 6s Plus but he lives in Canada. So why am I bringing this up?

I brought this up because you’re going to need some kind of tool to switch to AT&T. Fortunately, most of you probably have a tool that will work. (This is assuming your box didn’t come with a tool, of course.)

If you have an earring or pin lying around, grab it. Push it into the small hole in the tray on the side of the phone. T-Mobile should remove the SIM card. Insert your AT&T SIM card the same way and you’re good to go. I did not go through any activation process.

Installation Process

However, I had to go through a lengthy setup process that took much longer than a few swipes and a few passwords.

If you’re new to iPhone or just want a clean slate, it won’t take long. If you’re like me and want the same setup as on your old iPhone, it might take some time, especially if you haven’t recently backed up your phone to iCloud or iTunes.

iPhone-6s performance

I made a backup just before installing my new iPhone 6s and the process is about 20 minutes. When that’s done, you restore from a backup that takes about 20 minutes. After that, it’s time to change a few options and enter some passwords.

My iPhone 6s setup process kept freezing so it took over an hour. I think this may be related to increased network activity on the day the iPhone 6 was released, so you shouldn’t have any issues doing this.

You will have to enter a six-digit passcode if you want a passcode, but there is a way to revert to a four-pin passcode if you want.

When you’re done, your phone should look the same as before if you restored it from a proper backup. Remember, you’ll need to enter your logins for your apps/networks so you’ll want to make sure you have all this information handy.

LTE Band Missing

Before going this route, AT&T iPhone 6s is exclusive. It is special in that it supports the carrier’s new and improved Band 30 LTE network.

The tape is expected to increase speed in congested urban areas. The group isn’t taking up much space right now, but expected to grow by the end of the year.

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So, if you live in an urban area and plan to use this phone for a long time, you may want to consider the AT&T model. (I’m planning to buy an AT&T iPhone 7 next year.)

I just remember. You have to wait 40 days for AT&T to unlock it, and for that you will need to meet certain requirements.

T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: Impressions

I’ve been using an unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 6s (bought from Apple) on the AT&T network for three days and my experience has been excellent.

I haven’t encountered any major network issues, I haven’t regretted any receiver’s LTE band loss (and I live in a vast country known as Los Angeles), and the iPhone 6s is an excellent smartphone overall. 3D Touch, performance and cameras are outstanding.

Research all your options before going this route, but know that you should be in good shape if you choose this route.

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