Starlink: Apple is partially responsible for leaking the location of all routers, here’s how

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THE geolocation technologies It is increasingly used for a variety of applications. For example, Google recently introduced “Find My Device,” a location network similar to Apple’s AirTags that allows users to locate their Android devices. These systems use them to deliver convenient and secure services.

But in a function AirTags tracking system It revealed the locations of Starlink antennas, potentially revealing the homes of users of this satellite communications service. Apple uses an advanced tracking system that collects the MAC addresses of many nearby devices to determine precise geolocation. This functionalityThis is perceived as an advantage by the company. exploited by researchers from the University of Maryland. They managed to identify Location of 488 million devicesexcept deserts, tropical forests and China.

A flaw in the AirTags geolocation service allows you to see the location of Starlink-equipped homes

Discovery of this flaw key takeawaysEspecially conflict zones Like Ukraine. Starlink antennas, vital for wartime communications, have been mapped. Thus, potentially exposing their position to malicious actors. SpaceX has already started to change this problem Randomly select MAC addresses core routers and Wi-Fi repeaters, but the update has not yet covered all devices.

Elon Musk noted in a post on In response to this situation, Apple quietly released an update that allows users toAdd “_nomap” suffix to their SSID (name of Wi-Fi networks) To prevent this tracking. But security experts such as Professor David Levin of the University of Maryland are calling on the company to impose additional restrictions. To strengthen it, they want the company to limit the amount of data that can be collected through the tracking system. Protection of privacy.

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