Snapchat World Lenses Update Adds Crazy Filters For Your Life

New Snapchat World Lenses updates add crazy filters for your life. New World Lenses allow you to add filters not only to your face, but to your world as well. Get ready to truly boost your selfies with new Snapchat Lenses that interact not just with your face, but with the world.

Coming more than a year after the launch of Snapchat Lenses that enhance your selfies with face lenses, the new World Lenses are limited to launch, but you can expect to see more in the near future.

You need to install the latest Snapchat update to get it. For some users it is the November 8 update, for others it is the November 9 update. Once installed, you can access Snapchat World Lenses just like you would Face Lenses.

Here’s what you need to know about Snapchat World Lenses.

There are currently seven Snapchat World Lenses that you can use on iPhone or Android. They include;

Below you can see the air horn Snapchat World Lens in action. Some require tapping the screen, others make you look around.

You can use some in a selfie mode that acts like a regular Snapchat Lens, and some in the rear camera mode. There is a small dividing line if you can use the lens as a World Lens and a regular Snapchat Lens.

Snapchat Lenses are currently free and you can access them by updating your Snapchat app and tapping the screen.

The update and the new feature came out as a major Snapchat outage, preventing users from accessing Snapchat Lenses on iPhone or Android in any way.

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