Shazam finally finds use for iPhone’s Dynamic Island and Live Events

iPhone 15 Dynamic Island

Version 17.11 of Shazam is now available for iPhone or iPad owners. The music recognition app finally takes advantage of two features of the latest Apple smartphone models: Dynamic Island and Live Events. Shazam can now run in the background. So you can make a call and exit the app to do something else; Shazam will continue to do its job.

Thanks to a screen on the Dynamic Island, you’ll know Shazam is on his way, removing any doubt about his activities. You’ll receive a Live Events notification letting you know when a song is identified in the background. To take advantage of this new feature, simply download the latest version of Shazam on your device running iOS 17.5 or later.

Has Shazam given up on Apple?

We wonder why Apple-owned Shazam only now offers this most practical feature. Many third-party applications have been using Dynamic Island and Live Activities successfully for a long time. Launched with the release of iOS 16.1 in the fall of 2022, Live Events were quickly exploited by developers. They are used to follow the action of an application without it being explicit. For example, thanks to this feature, you can access live sports results.

Last year, the iOS version of Shazam finally gained the ability to identify songs from other apps. By the way, the application on Android has been offering the same option since 2019. Shazam’s support clearly lacks ambition, the reasons for this apparent abandonment unknown.

Apple announced in 2017 that it acquired Shazam for $400 million. The app was one of the most popular apps on the App Store at the time and slowly started losing its luster. It served as a promotional platform for Apple Music in particular: Once Shazam recognized a song, it sent it back to the music streaming service to listen to again.

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