Killer iOS 11 Feature Could Make Siri Useful Again

The next big iPhone update is iOS 11, and now we’re hearing about an iOS 11 feature that could make you use Siri more often, especially if you love iMessage and use multiple Apple products.

Siri isn’t just about voice control. Apple uses Siri as the prediction engine behind apps on the Today screen, and Apple already uses prediction in Messages, with a QuickType keyboard that can choose your speaking style and offer responses based on what you speak.

With iOS 11, you can see Siri come to new places on your phone and devices to make things easier. Expect to hear about iOS 11 in June and see it alongside an iPhone 8 in the fall.

A major iOS 11 feature could elevate Siri.

a new report from Confirmatoryoutlines Apple’s plans to add Siri to iMessage and iCloud. This bridges the gap between your devices and makes Siri more useful on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

This new Siri iOS 11 feature can appear in iMessage to help you find answers to questions that occur in conversation. It could be about where to have lunch and then how to get there, or a million other possibilities. With iMessage apps and Siri third-party access, this feature looks set to roll out. Apple already holds a patent that contributes to the potential for Siri to appear in iMessage this fall.

With Siri iCloud integration, you can see Siri’s predictive capabilities that show you the apps you might need on the Today screen that expands to cover all your devices. The report suggests it will connect to Mac and iOS devices to offer actions. and recommendations no matter what device you use.

Apple already uses Siri for predictive purposes.

Apple already uses Siri for predictive purposes.

Apple added Siri to the Mac with macOS Sierra last fall, and the company already syncs tabs, documents, preferences, and even AirPod connectivity between devices.

Samsung is growing up with a better personal assistant called Bixby on the Galaxy S8, and Google is now available on most Android phones.

While Google and Amazon are taking over your home with Google Home and Echo with Alexa, Apple may be planning a takeover with new Siri integrations that sync across all your devices.

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