iPhone: You’ll soon be able to make contactless payments without using Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Despite yourself Apple More and more users are opening mobile operating systems iOS to competition. At least in Europe. This is the result of many years of negotiations, legal processes and the implementation of regulations that require certain things.

These include the Digital Services Act and Digital Market Law clearly changed the situation. Since the arrival of the iOS 17.4 update, you can install emulators from the App Store on your iPhone, for example, which would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.

There are a few areas where the changes have not yet taken effect, but they are happening. One of them is worrying Apple PayPayment practice for which the company has been accused by Europe of abuse of dominant position. Especially the Old Continent criticized the American giant Book contactless payments via NFC on your service to the detriment of others. This privilege will drop very soon depending on: Reuters He quotes sources close to the subject.

Contactless payments via iPhone will no longer necessarily go through Apple Pay

To avoid another penalty similar to the one the company received for Spotify, Apple offered all developers access to its contactless payment system starting in January 2024. accompanies him choosing your custom default app and some Possibility of identification with FaceID, among others. These changes were sent to the European Commission, which requested some additional adjustments based on feedback from competitors and users.

In theory, The deal must be approved by this summer, May at the earliest. Much of this will depend on how quickly Apple makes requested changes and distributes necessary updates. Tap to Pay technology, which allows you to use the iPhone as a payment terminal, is also affected by this situation. Once applied, The new text will be valid for 10 years.

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