iPhone: Thanks to this change, repairing your smartphone will be much easier

Apple iPhone repair

This policy update represents a pretty monumental turnaround from the iPhone maker’s long-standing position. The problem is that in the beginning The change allowing used parts will only apply to the newest iPhones: iPhone 15 series and newer modelsAccording to TechCrunch. Apple also clarifies that Face ID and other biometric sensors will not be immediately available for used parts replacement, although this possibility may become available in the future.

Additionally, Apple is implementing new protection measures. preventing used parts from successfully pairing lost or stolen iPhonesThanks to an extension of Activation Lock anti-theft technology. “ If a repaired device detects that a supported part was obtained from another device with Activation Lock or Lost Mode enabled, the calibration capabilities of that part will be restricted. », Announced Apple. We often remind you, but stealing an iPhone, especially from a store, is far from a good idea due to all Apple’s measures to prevent the devices from working.

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