iPhone: soon you won’t need to update at first startup

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When you buy a new smartphone from a store or online, you usually need to install the latest update available when you first start it up. The situation is quite logical: most often the device comes with the latest version of the operating system available at that time. If we have come to terms with this idea because a solution could not be found in time, this does not mean that it is inevitable.

Indeed, it appears that Apple is working on a solution to this thorny problem. It also has a name : “Presto”. According to journalist Mark Gurman, who revealed this information in the same newsletter as the previously mentioned details about iOS 18, Presto will soon be available in all Apple Stores in the United States. The device will have a specific goal: to terminate updates on first boot.

Apple wants to end first-time updates

To do this, Apple is distributing a new device that can launch updates without touching iPhones. This means that Apple Store employees will be able to update your smartphone after purchasing it without having to unbox it. When you use it for the first time, all you have to do is configure it without having to wait for the latest version of iOS to install.

“The system looks a bit like a metal shoe rack. It can use MagSafe and other wireless technologies to turn on the iPhone without ever opening the package. “He downloads and installs the new software, then hangs up.” Mark Gurman explains in the newsletter: It is not yet known when the technology will reach France.

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