iPhone 15 Pro: renders give us a better look at the new buttons on the smartphone

At the beginning of the year, we learned that Apple is considering making its next high-end smartphones without physical buttons in favor of capacitive buttons. These changes were first seen when CAD-based renders of the iPhone 15 Pro were introduced.

Since then, other reports have indicated changes that Apple will make to the device’s buttons. For example, as with Android smartphones, Apple onlyone button for soundand was also preparing Toggle the switch to mute the iPhone.

This is how the buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro will look like

New images from China have revealed the edge of the iPhone 15 Pro, where we can see all the new buttons of the smartphone. Located on the left side of the device, Apple will first make a big change in the volume buttons, as we mentioned above.

In fact, Apple would have chosen to use only one button to increase or decrease the volume, rather than accessing two separate buttons. therefore it will sufficePress the upper button to increase the volume and the lower button to decrease it.

Apple will also change its physical switch to mute the smartphone, which is this small button with which it is possible to toggle back and forth. This will be a simple “pressure” type button, as you can see in the picture above. We imagine that the new button will not have a single function and it will be possible to hold it, for example, to perform another action.

These new buttons may not be liked by all iPhone users, but they do have one big advantage: they reduce the number of removable parts, which reduces the risk of wear. That’s why iPhones should be a little more durable, a point Apple has insisted on for years.

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