iPhone 15 Pro: here are the first 3D images of the smartphone, USB-C confirmed

iPhone 15 Pro: here are the first 3D images of the smartphone, USB-C confirmed

Like every year, Apple starts production of the first iPhone 15 models at Foxconn in the first quarter, so we expected to hear more about Apple’s upcoming high-end smartphones these days. The first CAD files of the future iPhone 15 Pro have been revealed by 9to5Mac and they give us the best overview of the smartphone to date.

These CAD files are usually sent to various body builders so they can prepare their accessories before launch. Thus, they give very important information about the overall design and dimensions of the device.

iPhone 15 Pro comes with a USB-C port

The biggest difference we can see on the iPhone 15 Pro is, presence of a USB-C port on the bottom edge. Apple was recently forced by the European Union to abandon its proprietary Lightning port in favor of universal connectivity, and so 2023 iPhones will take advantage of it.

A surfer named Uredditor shared on Twitter Photo of an old copy of the iPhone 15 Proconfirms the existence of the new connection.

Besides the USB-C port, the iPhone 15 Pro will bring a few more changes to the design of smartphones. As previous reports suggest, The edges of the iPhone 15 Pro will be slightly curvedwhether front or back. The screen will stay flathowever, this change should make the device less sharp in the hand.

At the back, The photo module is also much more protruding than previous generationsThis indicates that Apple will likely replace the sensors or lenses of the iPhone 15 Pro. On the sidelines, the CAD files seem to confirm that Apple will replace the physical buttons with capacitive buttons this year.

iPhone 15 Pro (3)

Finally, in terms of overall dimensions, the iPhone 15 Pro appears to be slightly smaller than its predecessor. This indicates that Apple has managed to keep the screen the same while reducing the bezel size. We also always find a pill at the top of the screen, but no change was expected on this side.

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