iPhone: It will soon be possible to download applications from a website

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2024 will definitely be a year of change for vehicle owners.iPhone. what happenedEuropean Union In any case. Since March 6, 2024, Digital Markets Act (DMA) is in force in Europe and thus large American Technology companies to profoundly change their products in favor of the consumer. at home AppleThis is reflected in the iOS 17.4 update and all its new features. beyond possibilityUse an app store other than the App StoreThe company is also making the following preparations: Ability to download and install an app directly from a website.

Apple has unsurprisingly conditioned this functionality a lot of obligations. Generally”Apps delivered via a web distribution, like all iOS apps, must meet verification requirements to maintain the integrity of the platform and can only be installed from a website domain that the developer has registered with App Store Connect.“. But that’s not all.

Apple will allow apps to be downloaded from a website under certain conditions.

In its current form we will note that: Only major developers will be able to offer their applications through this distribution channel. Among other things, it is necessary “Be a member in good standing of the Apple Developer Program for two consecutive years or more and have an app that records More than one million initial installations per year On iOS in the EU in the previous calendar year“.

The user is also protected to prevent possible situations. malware. “While installing an app, a system pop-up will show you the app name, developer name, app description, screenshots, etc. that the developers have sent to Apple for review. Displays information such as screen and age restrictions.“. The function will be deployed”in spring” via iOS updatewithout specifying a date.

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