iPhone, iPad: access to developer betas now costs $99 per year for everyone

For iOS, macOS, iPadOS, or watchOS, Apple usually distributes a beta of developer updates first. Second, he can share his expertise with the manufacturer, especially by spotting certain faults that ordinary mere mortals may not notice. However, these beta versions are also available to anyone who wants to check out the latest version.

It’s about change. As Apple prepares to distribute the first iterations of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, two updates have already made mention of them because of their features. But it is not the latter that is in the limelight today, but rather an announcement that was cautiously overlooked by the Cupertino company in its release note. Starting with these two updates, Apple will charge access fees from beta developers of operating systems.

Apple developer betas will no longer be free

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer will make life easier for developers who want to install these betas on their devices. To do this, they just need to enable a dedicated option in the operating system settings. After completion, the device will automatically update to the latest available version of the operating system without the need to download from the internet. Time saver for developers, but waste of money for casual users.

Thus, only people who subscribe to a license for the Apple Developer Program will have access to this option in their settings. However, this license costs $99 per year, or about 93 euros. No more free access to the latest iOS and all its equivalents. From now on, you will have to either go to the vault or wait for the public beta to launch. We let you judge the best way.

Source : Apple

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