iPhone: For 13/25 year olds, having an Android smartphone is reason to leave

Annual polls of young Americans come to the same conclusion: the iPhone is overwhelmingly preferred by Generation Z, users born between 1997 and 2010. According to an article by the Financial Times, their loyalty to the Apple brand is so high. that strongIt even goes so far as to affect their love life..

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iPhone, beyond being a social token, is a very different technical platform from Android, and certain apps help differentiate users from one or the other. The example given by the British newspaper is the example of iMessage.. Teens have embraced this messaging system because it offers features such as data encryption and above all the ability to send images, emojis, photos and videos in direct conversation.

iPhone is the favorite smartphone of young Americans, only 10% use Android

The problem with iMessage is that it’s an app specifically designed for devices in the Apple ecosystem. According to Annelise Hillman, 24, “ a green message from an Android user cancels all chat, because now everything has to be done via SMS. So the social pressure to buy an iPhone is pretty crazy.” American teens fear being excluded from their social group if they switch to an Android smartphone. Aware of this, Apple does not seem ready to adopt the RCS protocol on the iPhone.

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Worse still, this social choice also happens at the level of dating apps and social networks. A viral trend on TikTok called “She’s 10 but…” (she’s 10 but…) asks women to reevaluate their perfect man after they find out that the man is using an Android device. The result is educational: Many divide their scores by 2 and even confirm that: it’s a deal breaker.

Source : Phone Arena

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