iPhone 15: Apple will raise the price of its smartphones in 2023, here’s why

According to Taiwanese site Digitimes, the prices of our electronics are a must-know strong increase in the coming months. This inflation is explained by the sharp increase in the price of electronic components. Samsung Electronics can’t compete TSMC’s hegemony in semiconductor manufacturing Used in latest generation electronic devices. The Taiwanese founder discovered the semiconductors used in Nvidia graphics cards, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC that powers the Samsung Galaxy S23, AMD processors and even Silicon chips designed by Applebiggest customer.

TSMC is so successful with the big names in tech The order books for 2023 are already full., even in 2024. The law of supply and demand is driving the Taiwanese founder’s prices higher. Rumor has it that a wafer carved at 3 nm from the N3 family will cost no less than $20,000. This represents a 25% increase compared to the price of a wafer etched at 5 nm in 2016. N3E type wafers, eg used to burn the chips of the future iPhone 15. They provide performance gains, but above all they are much more efficient.

iPhone 15 price to skyrocket due to price of electronic components

There is no doubt that Nvidia, Apple and other Sonys will reflect this increase in the prices of their products. If you’ve found the iPhone 14 or Nvidia’s graphics cards like the ultra-powerful GeForce RTX 4080 to be expensive, that’s bad news. The prices of high-end gadgets will increase even more.

Not all devices for sale may benefit from cutting-edge processors or chips. Limit innovation and settle for chips engraved at 5 nmThis could be the way tech giants continue to offer gadgets at affordable prices in 2023. Future Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip-based smartphones, M3 chip-based MacBooks and other iPhones with A17 Bionic processors will be much more expensive than their current counterparts

Source : digital times

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