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Leaks regarding the technical specifications of the iPhone 16 are increasing these days. This trend confirms that Apple has completed the development of its various models and has begun ordering parts from the company’s suppliers. A leak on Chinese social network Weibo claims that the iPhone 16 Pro will benefit from two new photo sensors. The device, which is already excellent in photography, is expected to be even more impressive in the next generation.

The first expected change is on the ultra-wide-angle sensor side. Apple has been integrating 12 MP optics for this module since 2019 and the iPhone 11. The Sony IMX633 sensor used in the latest models needs to be replaced with the 48 MP Sony IMX903. Only the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max should benefit from this improvement.

What’s new in the ultra wide-angle and telephoto lens of iPhone 16 Pro

The second improvement is made only for the iPhone 16 Pro. This should be equipped with the same 12 MP periscopic telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom that we got on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is very good news: In our test, we were completely convinced by the smartphone’s zoom capabilities. Compared to the old telephoto lens without periscope and 3x optical zoom, the improvement was greatly noticeable. The iPhone 16 Pro Max should also retain the same sensor.

One of the other big new features expected in the iPhone 16 Pro is Capture button. This will be located lower down, on the same edge as the start button. It will be tactile, not mechanical. A light finger pressure will be detected by the system to initiate the action. It should be used to quickly turn on the camera to start shooting a scene instantly. The aim here is not to waste time without preparation when you want to immortalize a moment.

Source : Weibo

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