iPhone 15 Pro Max to break world record for thinnest bezels

The iPhone 15s are slowly emerging before they hit the market, and both the technical sheet and the design are revealed. As such, the Pro Max model has certainly benefited from the latest models for all versions, which confirms some rumors as well as a concept made by designer Antonio de Rosa. However, we lack concrete information on the subject, a gap that the Ice Universe leak aims to fill.

Indeed, the latter revealed an interesting detail for the month regarding the smartphone’s display on Twitter. More specifically, we are talking about the edges of the device, which should set a new world record in this area. According to the leak, the iPhone 15 Pro max is therefore only 1.55mm. As a reminder, the record is currently in Xiaomi 13 and its limits 1.61mm (1.81 mm at the bottom).

iPhone 15 Pro Max should beat Xiaomi 13 in thin bezels

So the iPhone 15 Pro Max will not only reduce the border size compared to its predecessor (2.17mm for the iPhone 14 Pro), but also a new industry record. For comparison, as Ice Universe reminds us, the Galaxy S23 for example shows 1.95mm bezels. On the contrary, it seems that the Cupertino company did not reduce the size of the borders in the standard and Plus models.

The truth is that Apple, which has screens of similar size to the iPhone 14, is a huge gain in the body-to-screen ratio that it will offer in the Pro Max model if this rumor is confirmed. Also, the entire range should be displayed curved edges at the cornersSimilar to the one that can be found on the iPhone 11. We will learn more about the design of smartphones in a few weeks.

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