iPhone 14 Pro Max: This user was fired for an iOS 16 bug

This Internet user just new job and was under surveillance. hlgb2015 took care to leave the iPhone 14 Pro Max plugged in and set four different alarms to make sure it got to work on time. Therefore, he is in complete confidence that he has gone to bed. Despite all these precautions, the smartphone didn’t ring and our man lost his post.

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When plugged into the mains, his smartphone inexplicably turned off in one night. Worse still, the iPhone 14 Pro Max wouldn’t turn on at all, and he couldn’t call his employer to let him know he was running late. After he succeeded, he was made to realize, after a good hour, that he was now persona non grata. other members reddit confirmed it case hlgb2015 is not isolated.

Fired due to a bug in iOS 16

According to another Internet user, “There is a known software issue at the source of this phenomenon. Apparently it happens when an automatic update is tried to be applied and it fails for some reason. The only way to get the device working again is to force restart the device. iOS 16 has been selected once again, this time due to a memory allocation issue.

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iOS 16 is subject to many criticisms. Tense images, reduced battery life, Face ID that stops working; As soon as Apple manages to fix one bug, another pops up. In this context, the release of iOS 17 is eagerly awaited. Rumors are that the new OS will bet on Dynamic Island and offer more widgets on the lock screen.

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