iPhone 14 Pro: camera opens slowly, errors persist

The camera is traditionally one of the features highlighted on the iPhone’s spec sheet, and although testimonials from other brands defy its designation as “the best camera phone”, Apple’s smartphone is normally very good in this area. Such returns become even more troublesome when customers invest over $1300 in a device that does not perform optimally.

The problem faced today is the sensitivity of the camera. Viewfinder of the latter few seconds to view the picture. (More than three seconds in a video posted on the MacRumors forum). It’s a delay that can make the difference between a photo taken in a Doisneau-worthy location and a failed photo.

iPhone 14 Pro viewfinder too slow for candid shots

All iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are not affected and the error is not systematic. This seems to occur when the camera is in the background, which is a very common configuration, as most photographers keep the app open to be ready to “draw” as soon as possible. No problem is accuring only in native app and in Video mode, no issues were reported with third-party apps.

Internet users have put forward various solutions to this problem while waiting for an official treatment from Apple. You can try closing and restarting the app from the drawer first. If that fails, you need to choose the nuclear option and restart the iPhone. Many observers believe that the problem may be caused by bad management of RAM. Obviously, Apple engineers are already working on a solution. The next iOS 16 update is expected to arrive as early as next week and should at least fix the iPhone 14 Pro camera’s freaking out and weird squeaking noises on Instagram, TikTok, and SnapChat. Apple says the problem is strictly software and not hardware related. If you’re affected by these bugs, for now, you don’t need to go through the Apple Store to replace your device.

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