iPhone 14: delivery times are getting shorter, but still very high

You probably haven’t overlooked the problems Apple – and indeed Foxconn factory workers – have been experiencing lately. To sum up the case, the Zhengzhou factory, the main manufacturer of the iPhone 14, is grappling with violent protests aimed at challenging the chaotic working conditions of employees amid the rise in Covid-19 cases in the region. The result: production was halted and smartphone stocks fell drastically.

This inevitably has an impact on the already relatively long delivery times for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, especially as Christmas approaches. However, according to data analyzed by the JP Morgan firm, a few days after the events, things now tend to improve. Indeed, the global average delivery time has gone from 35 days to 29 days in one week.

Apple improved iPhone 14 Pro delivery times, but not won

As they are less popular compared to their Pro series neighbors, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max have not changed and are still being delivered worldwide in 3 days. According to figures published on the Apple site, the delivery time of Pro models in France is now 23 days. This is slightly less than in Germany, where the duration is 25 days, the same as in the United States or even the United Kingdom, where it is 27 days.

Anyway, it’s too late to order an iPhone 14 Pro for Christmas because it will arrive on December 28 at the earliest. Moreover, after the events in Zhengzhou, smartphone production fell by 20%. In fact, Apple and its users will not be able to get rid of the shortcoming in the coming weeks, despite their great efforts.

Source : Apple Insider

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