iOS 18: you’ll soon be able to control your iPhone and iPad with just your eyes, the future is here

ios 18 eye tracking

Apple continues to quietly introduce new features that will come with iOS 18. Unsurprisingly, we already know that the upcoming update will focus on artificial intelligence and, in particular, will enable real-time transcription of conversations. The good news is that the Cupertino company hasn’t forgotten about people with disabilities. Yesterday it rolled out new accessibility features, including a particularly impressive one.

Ieye tracking We will talk to everyone who follows Vision Pro news closely. As a reminder, the headset uses an integrated camera system to automatically detect where the user is looking by detecting their eye movements. This feature is preparing to come to iOS 18 in order to enable people with limited mobility to use their iPhones and iPads more easily.

It will soon be possible to control your iPhone with your eyes

In the video accompanying the ad, we see that you have to look at the item you want to click on for the screen to stand out. When you look at it briefly, the device will interpret it as a click. Everything looks particularly fluid, without the user having to make any physical movements. A huge step forward for everyone involved.

However, unlike the Vision pro, the iPhone and iPad will have to make do with a single camera, namely the selfie sensor, to work. Apple states that it will be enough to install iOS 18 to benefit from its technology. “no additional hardware or accessories required.” Note that other very interesting features have also been announced. Touch of Music It allows hearing impaired people to experience musical pieces through various vibrations.

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