iOS: Apps will “help” you renew your subscription as follows

While iOS 17 may bring a big change in Apple’s policy, the Apple brand has just made an important announcement for app developers.

A window in the app to update your payment methods

Starting this summer, Apple will provide them with a new tool that will prove extremely practical in building customer loyalty. In fact, if auto-renewal of subscription in an app fails due to billing issue, a window will appear directly in the application in question to allow users to Update the payment method immediately.

According to the manufacturer, developers will not need to take any action for the iOS-provided window to appear in the app. Apple explains that this tool is now added to many existing features of the App Store. Help retain subscribers.

app store loyalty window

Apple already offers several tools to retain users

For example, if a subscription is currently trying to complete a billing, Apple uses machine learning to optimize payment attempts to achieve the best possible collection rate.” Apple writes in the official press release.

The Cupertino company also “Billing Grace Period”This is the customers Enjoy their subscription while Apple tries to get paid. Developers who want to try this window can do so in Sandbox. They can also test whether the window is delayed or hidden using messages and check how it looks in StoreKit before applying.

However, specified users must be on iOS 16.4 or iPadOS 16.4 To remind you, we already know the list of iPhones that will not be compatible with iOS 17.

Indeed, with iOS 16, Apple stopped tracking iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. In fact, the next generation in turn should logically be set aside. For this reason, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 PlusAll three released in 2017 will not benefit from the new version of the operating system.

Source : Apple

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