iOS 17: Apple introduces StandBy, an option that turns your iPhone into an alarm clock (not just)

As Apple finally launched its first mixed reality headset, the Cupertino company took the opportunity to reveal other new features: the 15″ MacBook Air, new versions of the MacBook Studio and MacBook Pro… iPhones: iOS 17.

If, among other things, iOS 17 sees an improvement in autocorrect, the emergence of a new app called Journal and the disappearance of the “Hey Siri” call (in favor of a simple “Siri”), the new version of the operating system will be a hit yet unseen on Apple smartphones. will take advantage of the option. This feature, called StandBy, truly turns the iPhone into a little “morning alarm clock.” Will some say that much? No, wait, don’t leave right away. We explain everything to you in detail.

StandBy turns your iPhone into a connected display to be close to you

Are you someone who wants to keep your smartphone close at hand even when you sleep at night? Here’s a new option in iOS 17 that you might like. Standby is a special iPhone display mode. Once the device is placed in landscape mode on a small stand (Apple is likely to release this later) the device displays tons of information such as time, date, temperature felt.

iOS 17 iPhone Pending

By swiping to the right of the screen, you can view some of your photos and interact with the device, just as you would with a photo frame or Google’s Nest Hubs. What to do without a screen connected to the home at the end. We also note that this innovation appeared a few weeks after the release of the Pixel Tablet, a connected display that can be separated from Google’s base and then turns the device into a real multimedia tablet.

StandBy is one of the biggest new features of iOS 17. The new version of the operating system is already available to developers, while the general public will be able to take advantage of a beta release in July. The final version of the operating system is expected to be released in September 2023.

iOS 17 iPhone Pending

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