iOS 18: What new AI features for iPhones? We know what to expect

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According to Mark Gurman, an expert on the subject, Apple’s approach will make it possible to stand out in the crazy race for artificial intelligence by emphasizing the protection of user privacy. While competitors like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI are loudly touting advances in large language models that power conversational AI and generative content creation. Apple has been relatively quiet on this front.

At least publicly. But behind the scenes The company has developed its own core AI technologyIt is known under the code name “AppleGPT” and will bring AI intelligence to many of its core applications and services.

Apple will focus everything on protecting privacy

However, as is usual with Apple, The app needs to stand out. As Gurman reported to Bloomberg: ” Apple has developed a large language model, the algorithm that powers generative AI features, and there are indications that it will be fully integrated into the device. This means the technology is powered by the processor inside the iPhone rather than the cloud “.

Running artificial intelligence models locally on the device provides both performance advantages and avoiding latency associated with routing requests to remote serversAnd significant privacy and security benefits. This allows Apple to bypass the thorny data collection issues that have hindered rivals’ cloud-based AI efforts. User data never leaves the iPhone, preventing potential risks.

The trade-off, at least initially, could be less powerful AI capabilities compared to the massive cloud model architectures Google, OpenAI, and others are building on powerful hardware. However, as Mr. Gurman stated, “ Apple plans to show how technology can help people in their daily lives » Instead of looking for raw benchmark performance from the start.

Here are the new AI features for iPhones

So what artificial intelligence-based features could come to iOS 18 later this year? According to the report, Auto-summarize and auto-completion features are on the table for apps like Pages and Keynote, leverages language models for smarter writing suggestions and document processing. The report also includes the following statements: Similar AI-powered functionality in areas like creating music playlists in Apple Music. This may remind us of Spotify, which recently added a similar feature.

apple iphone 15 pro max reviewapple iphone 15 pro max review

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Perhaps most interestingly, after years of stagnant progress on Apple’s voice assistant, Siri could benefit from a boost of AI-powered intelligence. Between Better understanding of natural language through integration of large language models and other AI capabilities such as text and media analysisThe Siri experience can be completely transformed.

Developers and AppleCare support staff will also be able to take advantage of the AI ​​upgrade through improved code completion tools and customer support workflows, respectively.

More evidence of Apple’s ambitious roadmap has emerged in the company’s latest research papers, which focus on areas such as multimodal language models for interpreting text, images, and other media. One of the projects aims to allow users to edit documents, images and videos using simple voice commands.

Of course, questions remain about the capability and robustness of Apple’s first AI project. As always, given Apple’s reputation for prioritizing a polished and flashy experience, these early deployment efforts may prioritize ease of use over performance. Of course, we will learn more at the WWDC 2024 conference on June 10.

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