iOS 16.1: iPhones now support Switch NES, N64 and Megadrive controllers

Is a great love story between Nintendo and Apple unfolding before our eyes? If PS5 and Xbox Series X players are one step ahead of Switch, the Switch’s lag was compensated with the release of iOS 16, which finally adds JoyCon’s compatibility with the company’s devices. And the latter did not stop there, as the latest update of the operating system has shown us.

Among all the new features announced for iOS 16.1 as of Monday, October 24, there is one that Apple is careful not to announce, although it will make many players happy. Because Steve Troughton-Smith We owe this discovery, which he hastened to share on his Twitter account: Devices running iOS 16.1 now support classic Nintendo Switch controllers.

Play on iPhone with NES controller because why not

A year ago, Nintendo did indeed release new controllers for its portable console, as part of a new Switch Online subscription, which were no more or less than wireless versions of their retro consoles’ legendary controllers. These include NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Megadrive controllers. It is the latter that you can now use to play on iPhone.

as seen in the video Steve Troughton-Smith, these also work on tvOS 16.1. Of course, this feature is aimed at the relatively closed circle of players who have managed to take over the famous controllers. Indeed, the latter have been out of stock regularly since their release, making them very difficult to obtain for nostalgic items worldwide.

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