How AirPods track down car thieves

San Antonio police arrested four people suspected of stealing the car of a Texas citizen named Dawayne Arrington and breaking into their work van. Nothing very original so far until I find out criminals caught using Apple’s Locate app.

Me Arrington realizes that her car is no longer in the parking lot where she’s staying. “I noticed my AirPods were missing. I checked my iPhone to find them. The “Find” app gives him the geolocation of his earphones: They’re about thirty kilometers from his address, near a fast food restaurant.

How did Find My Device help detect thieves?

Our man decides to take justice into his own hands. and go directly to the scene. When he gets there, he realizes that his iPhone has taken him to an SUV where five people sleep. When he decides to call the police, several suspects try to escape. Meanwhile, a quarrel broke out. Me Arrington misses being hit. Everything is settled when San Antonio police arrive and take the remaining four suspects into custody. Mr. Arrington was able to recover his AirPods, other items stolen from him, and his car.

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Even if you have AirTags, iPhone or other AirPods that let you find your Apple gadgets with Find My Device app, It is highly recommended that you do not take the law into your own hands.. AirPods and other Airtags can be easily “tracked”. This feature is a double-edged sword as it also allows criminals to track their targets. Some even go so far as to argue that Apple’s audience makes it easy to harass women.

Source : Apple Insider

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