Galaxy S8 Feature Ready to Beat Pixel and iPhone

Rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S8 have been swirling for months, but the latest teaser comes from Samsung itself. South Korean electronics company only announced Acquisition of Viv, an artificial intelligence platform from the creators of Siri.

Google recently launched its new Pixel phone with Google Assistant. Artificial intelligence that can assist users with daily tasks and more. The new iPhone 7 also has a smarter and improved Siri. Samsung is lacking in this area but is poised to make a potentially big entry with the Galaxy S8.

Many Samsung users probably remember S-Voice, the company’s attempt to take over Siri, Google, and more. And while that’s no longer in flagship phones like the Galaxy S7 or Note 7, something much better is coming next year.

On October 6, Samsung announced that it had acquired Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence platform similar to Siri and Google Now. Or Google Assistant. However, it seems much more solid, open and friendly. This allows Samsung to take on Google, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft with Cortana, and of course Apple’s Siri.

Viv was created by artificial intelligence visionaries Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham. These names may not be familiar, but they are the minds behind Siri, which Apple acquired in 2010. But they have since developed something better and much more advanced in Viv, which will join Samsung’s range in the near future. .

Some of the most important aspects of Viv are that it works across multiple devices, not just smartphones. While Samsung’s main focus will be mobile first, it will also be incorporated into its TVs and other electronics. So a virtual assistant will work anywhere, with unlimited potential for almost anything. Users can ask for help, check the weather, get directions, play music, make reservations or buy movie tickets at any time. just to name a few.

“Viv’s mission is more natural interaction compared to other experiences available today, but the biggest difference is the scale and number of capabilities.” “Any developer in the world can teach Viv to do something new. We will move from asking him to do a few dozen things to tens of thousands of things.”

With Viv, Samsung plans to add its own virtual assistant to its smartphones to better compete with the new Google Assistant and Siri. One of the many benefits is how smart Viv is, how natural and open the interaction is.

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Google’s Assistant and even Siri only work in certain ways that are limited by each respective company. Developers cannot take advantage of the Google Assistant and teach it new things. We are limited to what Google offers.

Galaxy S8 or any other Samsung smartphone running the Viv or whatever they call it, the possibilities are endless. He understands much more complex questions, context and will constantly learn new things. Rather than just one of the many software features that complement a flagship smartphone, it makes it a central aspect of the software.


Samsung’s VP of Strategy and Business Development confirmed that Viv will be integrated into smartphones early next year. It’s unclear whether this is for Android smartphones or to push Samsung’s Tizen even further. We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s an exciting time for AI and machine learning, and 2017 will only get it into the hands of millions of users. Giving every Samsung user a personal smart assistant at home, in their pocket, with wearable devices like smartwatches and more.

Of course, this is just one of the many features we can expect to see in the Galaxy S8 even if it’s ready in time. Other reports and rumors suggest that Samsung will relaunch two smartphones similar to the Galaxy S7, both with curved screens. Talked about 4K display, flexible bending screens, virtual reality and much more. The company launched the Galaxy Note 7, but we can assure you that they are already working hard on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in early 2017.

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