Foldable iPhones not coming yet, first tests disappointing

apple folding screen

universe foldable smartphones is constantly evolving and Apple is not an exception to the rule. Rumors about a foldable iPhone 15 were already floating around the internet; This initiative would not fail to arouse interest. some indiscretions This could upset the Cupertino company. On the other hand, information indicates that the manufacturer will introduce its first foldable iPhone only in 2026 and will promise a device. clearly differentiates itself from its competitors with its thinness and lightness.

Sector foldable phones It is already well stocked, with major players such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola introducing various models to the market. But Apple appears to be taking its time to refine its approach by working on prototypes. According to a report from The Information, the apple brand is investigating two foldable iPhone designs It folds lengthwise, reminiscent of the style of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Foldable iPhone: Apple may postpone its project after disappointing tests

According to Chinese blog Fix Focus Digital, Apple Foldable screen samples were taken From suppliers like Samsung and LG. These examples are in the range 7 to 8 inchesCupertino suggests the company is actively exploring the following possibilities: foldable technologies. The question of whether the manufacturer supports developing a foldable iPhone or a foldable iPhone Foldable iPad When left open, user preference obtained through various surveys is towards an iPhone Pro-sized device that can fold and provide a screen iPad mini size.

Among the main concerns is its presence with a visible fold The image that appears on the screens after multiple uses is a problem that Apple is trying to overcome. Aim, Get a perfectly flat screenallowing seamless interaction with the screen and compatibility with accessories such as Apple Pencil. Despite efforts and acquisition of various devices from partners for in-depth research, the project seems to be stalledafter the prototypes failed to meet the group’s stringent requirements for quality and performance.

Source : weibo

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