Design revolution, high price, here’s Apple’s future iPhone 17 Slim

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If there will be no big surprises in the iPhone 16 series at the beginning of the next academic year, Apple is preparing for a change in its strategy for the iPhone 17s in 2024. InformationA brand new premium model will also be on the way. This will be the iPhone 17 Slim, which will mark the biggest design evolution of Apple’s smartphone since the iPhone X and its famous notch.

Why İnce? Because this mobile phone “significantly thinner” compared to other iPhones. This may bring to mind what Apple offers with the iPad Air and MacBook Air, although the lines are blurred at this level with the iPad Pro M4, which is thinner than the iPad Air. The report does not specify what consequences this design will have on battery capacity. We know that the iPhone 16 Pro Max should include a battery with cells with higher energy density. Apple is perhaps relying on this technology to ensure that autonomy does not suffer too much in this device.

Thinner and more compact than Plus and Max with new photo block

The case of this iPhone 17 Slim would be made of aluminum, not titanium. It will adopt a middle size between the Standard and Pro models, likely between 6.5 and 6.6 inches. On the back, the iPhone’s photo block, which has been recognizable for several generations, would be completely reworked. It will no longer be located in the upper left, but in the upper middle part of the smartphone. We can then consider a horizontal arrangement of sensors like in the Pixel or a circular photo block like what Chinese brands like Oppo or Xiaomi do.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra (3)Xiaomi 12S Ultra (3)

In this model, which has a better front camera, the size of the Dynamic Island will be reduced. Unsurprisingly, the source announced the existence of an A19 chip. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is mentioned at a price above 1,199 USD, which is the price of a 256 GB iPhone in the United States. Therefore, unless the price of the Pro Max increases by then (knowing that the price of iPhones tends to remain stable across the Atlantic, unlike here) it will be the most expensive model in the range. As a reminder, iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB is sold for 1,479 euros in France.

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