DAS: ANFR’s mobile network strength measurement app finally arrives on iOS

ANFR, the national frequency regulation agency, has been offering a very practical application called Open Barres for several years. This completely free application allows you to periodically measure the strength of the signal received by a smartphone;provides real-time diagnosis of the status of a mobile network”.

In December 2019, the app received a major update to Android. Since then, the app has also made it possible to view the specific absorption rate (SAR) of your device. The addition of this functionality was a clear request from the Ministers of Ecology and Solidarity Transition, Solidarity, Health and Economy and Finance.

Open Barres implementation, a point of contention between ANFR and Apple

Just, Open Barres app never made it to the App Store. As the agency explained in December 2021, “Access to the interfaces that allow us to get the necessary data for the operation of the application, unlike Android, is closed to us in the iOS operating system”.

ANFR had nevertheless conveyed the detailed technical data types used in Open Barres in its attempt to bend the Cupertino company. But to the sadness of the institution, The apple brand had never responded to their requests. Until now.

open bars app store

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