Apple’s original iPhone sold at auction for 40,000 euros in box

If you bought a first-generation iPhone in 2007 and decided not to open it, the item could go for over $30,000 in today’s auction market. Yesterday, Original unopened iPhone with 8GB storage sold for $39,339 (about 40,000 euros) At an event hosted by LCG Auctions. This 65 times more than the cost of the product in June 2007When it retails for $599.

As is often the case with online auctions, bids were moved on the last day. The highest bid was just $10,446 on Sunday, however, last-minute activity drove the price up significantly before the online auction closed. Last summer, a new copy was also sold for 35,000 euros.

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2007 iPhone box was intact

The iPhone was in pretty rare condition as it was still in its original box. This was also still surrounded by a plastic bubble.This first edition, factory sealed copy is exceptional.” « Almost flawless on surfaces and edges, clean factory seal, with neat seam detail and sealing “.

The original iPhone was a revolutionary device at the time of its release and helped usher in a new era in smartphones thanks to its buttonless design, massive 4GB of internal storage at the configurable entry level, and a host of practical applications. Today, the latest iPhone 14 Pro offers even more advanced technology and cutting-edge specs. iPhone 14 series offers up to 1TB of internal storagebig cameras and the sharpest, brightest display on the market according to DXOMARK.

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