Apple: If you think you’re getting a good price for your Mac running the M1 Pro, you might be disappointed

Apple yesterday made official a new line of MacBook Pro and Mac Mini powered by the Silicon M2 chip. Many fans of the brand were waiting for the integration of this new SoC to refresh their hardware. The Cupertino company offers a trade-in system for your old Apple equipment that lowers the bill. Unfortunately, the amount Apple offers to get your old equipment back does not reflect its true value at all.

A TechRadar reporter had fun evaluating a MacBook Pro M1 Pro purchased in 2021. According to Apple’s trading simulator, his computer is worth around €980. Although this represents significant discount on the purchase of a new MacThe company’s offer is far from reflecting the true value of its computer.

Apple is offering €900 for a €50,000 Mac Pro!

The example of this Twitter member is even more striking. David Imel posted his recovery recommendation for his “old” Mac Pro in 2019 on Twitter. 28-core Intel Xeon W processor powered racing beast with 1.5TB RAM and two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo GPUs worth no more than €900 ($970). In three years its price was divided by 50!

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