Apple will invest a billion dollars a year to bring its movies to theaters

Apple is probably very jealous of Netflix’s success at the Oscars. The streaming service recently won six awardsincluding Best Foreign Language Film with “In the West, Nothing New” by director Edward Berger. From one year to the next, the world leader in SVOD imposes itself on the small screen as well as the big screen. prestigious awards that help attract more and more new subscribers.

The Cupertino company wants to experience the same success. He seems to understand that the success of his own service, Apple TV+, depends on more presence in darkrooms. Close collaborators of the company confirm that, on the condition of anonymity, it is currently seeking to partner with movie studios even more with the aim of releasing movies in theaters. Hollywood will undoubtedly be persuaded by this proposal. Apple really is annual budget approaching one billion dollarsenough to produce, for example, fourteen “Asterix and Obelix: Middle Empire” each year.

Apple wants its movies to be shown in thousands of theaters

The Silicon Valley giant has already collaborated Directors as prestigious as Martin ScorseseWith Ridley Scott, who should present “Killers of the Flower Moon” with Leonardo Di Caprio in May 2023 or “Napoleon” with Joaquin Phoenix from September. As can be seen, the company is clearly raising the stakeboth in financial investments and in terms of prestige.

For many observers, it should be said that Apple is very timid in its movie ventures. Apple has either dedicated its productions to Apple TV+, or has only released its movies in one very few rooms. For sources close to the subject, this era seems to be over. The firm will conquer much more. However, distribution of films is certainly not the company’s specialty, so it is important to persuade distributors to distribute the films they produce.

Source : Bloomberg

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