Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE: crazy new functions and something for everyone

Apple introduced a bunch of products during its keynote on September 7. Among them is the Apple Watch Series 8, the new version of its connected watch. It focuses primarily on women’s health and safety, especially with the addition of Crash Detection. An Apple Watch Ultra dedicated to extreme athletes was also introduced.

The September 7 keynote was an opportunity for Apple to present a number of new products, including the iPhone 14. Apple Watch Series 8 It’s part of the dance. Unless there is a major revolution, the watch brings new features specifically dedicated to women.

At the design level, we have a large flat screen for a screen that we promised larger. Apple skipped a lot on specs, we just know it’s “swim proof”, but he pondered what his watch could do.

Apple Watch Series 8 adds ovulation tracking for women

Apple specifically targeted women in its communications with ovulation tracking built into the watch. The body temperature sensor can thus determine the exact dates. It’s a sensible addition, given that the product has been offering period tracking for several years. This data will be available in the Health app, and Apple promises optimum security.

Apple Watch Series 8

Another innovation : Crash Detection. Thanks to the new detectors included in the watch, it will be able to detect whether you have had a traffic accident and the severity of the crash. Of course, this will allow help to arrive faster and at the same time be informed about the upside crash.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple promises full-day battery life, but a new mode (Low Power Mode) will save battery power by removing many features. With this, It may take 36 hours. An important addition is that autonomy as we know it has been the Achilles heel of the connected clock since its inception.

Apple Watch Series 8 will be available now black, red, bronze and red. New belts, some made with Nike or Hermès, will also be available. We will also have new watch faces on the software side. Enough to fully customize your watch.

Apple Watch Series 8

Available from September 16 499 euros for the GPS version and 619 euros For the cellular version. A new version, the Apple Watch SE, was also presented. It will be sold for 299 euros.

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Apple also offers the Apple Watch Ultra for extreme sports