Apple Watch Deals: Incredible Discounts on Used Models

If you’ve been waiting for some good Apple Watch deals to arrive, now may be the time to jump in, as all kinds of Apple Watch pre-owned models are insanely cheap right now.

The Apple Watch launched earlier in the year, and many consumers jumped into buying one the day it was released. However, if you’ve decided to patiently wait for a good Apple Watch deal to roll around, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

We’ve seen a few Apple Watch deals over the last few months, but nothing super awesome when it comes to big discounts. Not so long ago, Apple offered a $50 discount on the Apple Watch if you bought a new iPhone with it. That’s a nice little discount, but still nothing too crazy, because you still had to spend more money to take advantage of the deal.

However, for those who wait with the extra patience, you’re rewarded as CowBoom has pre-owned models of the Apple Watch on sale for up to almost $200 off.

Open CowBoom’s website, there are a handful of different Apple Watch combinations to choose from, all at different price points (even some units of the same size are priced differently based on the color of the band, and that’s a bit odd). So make sure you follow the prices and don’t worry too much about the color of the band, because you can easily change them (and you’ll probably want new bands in the future, and anyway).

The cheapest Apple Watch you can buy right now is the 38mm Apple Watch Sport for just $262, which is $87 less than the regular daily price. There are several different combinations to choose from at this price.

As for the cheapest 42mm Apple Watch model, you can get the larger Apple Watch Sport for as little as $269; that’s a massive $130 off the regular price for the 42mm Apple Watch Sport. However, this is only for the gold aluminum color, so if you want silver or black, you’ll spend at least $300 on the privilege.

Still, that’s a crazy $100 off the 42mm Apple Watch Sport, which is pretty impressive even if it’s a pre-owned model.

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The cheapest Apple Watch stainless steel model will set you back at least $373, which is slightly more money to spend than the Apple Watch Sport, but you’ll save yourself a crazy $176 by choosing the slightly more expensive model.

These prices are still not cheaper than other smartwatches on the market, as you can get a used Moto 360 for less than $100 and the new second-gen Moto 360 is just $250. Smart watch fully compatible with iPhone.

Sure, you can use an Android Wear smartwatch with the iPhone, but compatibility is still pretty lacking when it comes to features, so if you go the Android Wear route it might leave you craving more.

So even if you’re spending more on the Apple Watch, it will still give you a much better experience with the iPhone than any other smartwatch, and if you’re patient enough to take advantage of a really good Apple Watch deal, then it’s actually for an Apple Watch compared to an Android Wear device. won’t spend much more.

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