Apple Watch: Cameras on watches soon to take selfies and Face ID?

A patent recently announced by Apple titled “Wearable electronic device with digital camera assembly” shows that the company is envisioning a “protruding” wearable device. a camera located on the watch face and positioned on the watch band.

That’s why the next Apple Watch might look like a Wristband accessory that also uses a camera on the dial. Above all, Apple wants the Apple Watch’s camera to be stylish, not bulky. ” While some electrical components, such as a camera, may perform desired functions, the integration of these components may result in a cumbersome device that may hinder user performance, is uncomfortable to wear, or is unsuitable for certain functions. “.

watch apple with camera

According to the patent application, “ The digital camera can be used for a variety of purposes including, by way of non-limiting examples, face recognition, fingerprint detection, QR (Quick Response) code reading, video conferencing, biometric monitoring (e.g. heart rate monitoring), photography, video. or image capture or any combination thereof “So it must be versatile enough to be able to do all that.

First of all, we note that Apple wants. Use their watch for Face ID i.e. use Face ID on the device. So, if your iPhone isn’t nearby, your Apple Watch could just as well be used to connect to a site with biometric authentication. Now that Apple will bet everything on passkeys to replace traditional passcodes, an Apple Watch with a camera may well come at a good time.

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