Apple Watch: Blood glucose sensor won’t finally arrive in a few years

For several years, various reports indicate that Apple is actively working on adding a blood glucose sensor to the Apple Watch; This sensor will measure your glucose level without a needle or drop of blood. This non-invasive technology can be a real revolution for people with diabetesbut we’ll probably have to wait a long time to see the American giant arrive on its watches.

While it was initially thought that the blood glucose sensor would come to the Apple Watch Series 7, generally well-informed journalist Mark Gurman just confirmed some bad news. According to a new report from Bloomberg, blood glucose monitoring technology designed for the Apple Watch probably won’t be released for another few years.

No glucose measurement in the next Apple Watch

Although it has reached stages where it has proven viable, the technology not a real Apple Watch feature for at least a few years, Gurman announces. According to him, Apple needs to “perfect built-in algorithms and sensors,” such as the silicon photonic chip, before it can be used in the Apple Watch. It’s also a matter of reducing it to “. The size of a module that can fit in the small and thin package that is the Apple Watch “.

can take at least three to seven more years says Gurman. Unfortunately, this is why this blood glucose sensor cannot be expected to come to the next Apple Watch or later models.

For now, Apple still dominates the connected watch market, but the arrival of this feature may well allow Apple to establish its leading position. Now, it remains to be seen what new features will come to the next Apple Watch. If we already know almost everything about the next iPhone 15, the next Apple Watch is still pretty mysterious for now. It is unknown whether Apple will decide to launch the Apple Watch Series 9 or a special Apple Watch X, as it did with its high-end smartphones in 2017.

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