Apple TV: making video calls will soon be possible without an iPhone

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As you know, Apple officially distributed tvOS 17 in June 2023. The Apple brand introduced FaceTime in its media player (in 4K version) for the first time with this new version of the operating system exclusive to Apple TV.

In this way, Apple TV 4K users will be able to make FaceTime video calls directly to their TVs. a special FaceTime app. They can also stream a video call started on their iPhone or iPad to their Apple TV. But to do this, users need to configure their Apple smartphone or tablet as follows:Camera Continuity.

In other words, you can’t FaceTime with your Apple TV without your iPhone or iPad. At least for now. Indeed, according to famous journalist Mark Gurman Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on a new version of its media player. According to that, this version can be equipped with an integrated camera.

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An Apple TV that will soon be equipped with an integrated camera?

In this way,Users will no longer need to use their iPhone or iPad It’s like a webcam for video calling on their TV via Apple TV. Again, according to the journalist, The device will also support motion controls thanks to this camera.. We think Apple is trying to reproduce what was done with FaceTime in iOS 17 here.

As a reminder, the latest version of the operating system provides: Add reactions during a video call with simple hand gestures. Users can, for example, mimic a heart with their fingers to make a heart appear on the screen, or perform V for Victory with both hands to trigger a shower of confetti. It is not yet known whether the movements will be limited to FaceTime only. or can we use them to navigate the Apple TV interface? Of course, this information should be taken with some caution due to the lack of confirmation from Apple.

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