Apple TV 4K: you must have an iPhone running iOS 16 to take full advantage of it

A Twitter member shared his displeasure with the latest tvOS update on his Apple TV and Apple’s very specific requirements. Yet so far Apple-branded streaming box worked independently of all other devices From the company, the update to tvOS 16.2 involves accepting the iCloud Terms of Service with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16.2. Without it, it will not be possible to update the Apple ID account settings or accept the terms of use of iCloud, Apple’s online storage service.

Not all Apple TV users necessarily have several devices from the Cupertino company. For example, some users choose Mac as computer and Android as smartphone. What if they want to update their Apple TV 4K? While it is possible to override messages, messages often bounce back on the screen and corrupt messages. a user experience that is very fluid in normal times.

Now, to update tvOS, you must have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16.2.

Apple is making a strategic mistake and risks alienating its supposedly loyal customers. In fact, the iPhone or iPad used to verify the iCloud terms of use should be running the latest version of iOS 16. frustrating limitation for those who don’t have a device that meets these requirements operating minimums.

With this tvOS update, Apple has therefore terminated a tacit agreement regarding Apple TV. If the case has long been viewed as an autonomous device, the Cupertino company has decided to make its use conditional on owning an iPhone or the latest generation iPad. I’m not sure this decision will pay off in the long run. This type of blackmail may even encourage potential buyers to turn to other solutions, such as Amazon’s Fire TV.

Source : 9TB 5 Macs

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